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GCSE Maths Revision Course

Do you know any children preparing to take their GCSE Maths this summer or within the next 2 years?

If so please encourage them to sign up for our highly popular maths revision sessions for Year 9, 10 and Year 11 students starting on Sun 14th April at Hilltop Community Centre from 2pm-5.30pm weekly on Sundays for 5 weeks.

A £50 one-off contribution is required for all students


The classes are taken by highly qualified maths tutors with extensive experience, and each pupil will receive maths revision papers. Free refreshments will also be provided.

To register please contact Lisa by email or call 07999 782730.

Limited places, please share!

We thank The Sackler Trust for part-funding this project and we thank The National Lottery Community Fund for supporting our charity.


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