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Our Fundraising

Refurbishment of Hilltop Community Centre Facility


At present we are fundraising to refurbish the Hilltop Community Centre facility.  After consulting with hall users and the community the overwhelming response was that people were dissatisfied with the physical condition of the Centre with specific concerns around:


1. Poor ventilation / unbearably hot - especially in the summer, or when occupied with lots of people, or during exercise classes etc.

2. Outdated and dingy toilets.

3. Inadequate storage

4. Neglected / unappealing decor

5. Outdated and small kitchen space


Phase 1 (COMPLETED) toilet refurbishment and installation of air conditioning

In 2018, work on transforming the out-dated Hilltop Community Centre in High Wycombe into a vibrant community centre edged closer as WMCO were lucky to be awarded over £36,000 to modernise the dingy toilets and install air conditioning from Biffa Award with a contribution from Wycombe District Council. Read more >


Phase 2 (COMPLETED) storage extension

This phase was also a priority as we needed to extend the building to increase the storage, for hall user groups to store their equipment so they can work more efficiently and for us to store tables and chairs that hall users need to access on a regular basis safely and free up much needed space in the halls. We were lucky to be awarded £59,000 to add much-needed space for storage from Veolia Environmental Trust.


Phase 3 (COMPLETED) Corridor and main entrance décor improvement

During April to June 2020, we were able to carry out the much needed work to improve the quality and safety of the Centre by upgrading the internal fire doors in order to meet statutory fire regulations and safety for users of the Centre and redecorating of the entrance and hallway, whilst making good any minor defects to the walls/skirting, thus transforming the reception and welcome to the Centre.  This essential project was partly funded by Heart of Bucks Kop Hill Climb Fund whom awarded us £5,000 towards this project.


Phase 4 & 5 Kitchen/bar extension & refurbishment

This phase is a major part of the refurbishment work and also a priority as the kitchen was too small, and in a poor condition.  This phase consisted of building an extension to create a larger kitchen space plus a small bar area, and refurbishment. Read more >

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