Hilltop Community Centre

A community centre run by Wycombe Multicultural Organisation (W.M.C.O)

Established since 1991

General Enquiries:

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01494 522750

07837 664792

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Annual Reports

Our Financial Reports


On this page you will find our most recent annual report, as well as an archive of reports from previous years.  The reports give an overview of how we have raised income and how we spent our money over the year.


Financial year end (FYE)      Income           Spending                   View accounts

      28-Feb-19                £170,535           £76,749            Download accounts FYE 19

      28-Feb-18                  £62,615           £48,047            Download accounts FYE 18

      28-Feb-17                  £57,686           £46,953            Download accounts FYE 17

      29-Feb-16                  £45,425           £46,540            Download accounts FYE 16

      28-Feb-15                  £48,502           £44,766            Download accounts FYE 15